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What is Silly Point ?

Silly Point is basically an extension of the authors' itch to propound their two-penny theories and opinions to anyone who is willing to listen, or read as in this case. Silly Point is firstly a collablog, targeted at commenting on sports. We do not aim to provide filtered news from various sources, but rather present new angles of looking at things and remarking on various things that affect sport, on and off the playing arena. We might be sometimes be swayed into commenting on things like Sharapova's grunting decibels or how Wayne Rooney needs an upgrade in terms of a girl-friend, but that is probably as much away from sport that we will veer.

Who are the writers on this site ?

The contributors are a group of so-called sports lovers, mainly composed of people who just seem to watch some TV, read some books and call themselves experts on the game. The writers also possess an inherent urge to write about sport, taking the concept of arm-chair criticism to a while new dimension. Some of them are seasoned quizzers / bloggers / players and are more than willing to contribute their talents to this effort. You can get intros of all of the writers here.

Why the name Silly Point ?

Well, this blog received a large scale donation from the Silly Party after they won the Luton election, and therefore the whole blog is a running advertisement for the same. Though the name might coincide with a fielding position in Cricket, we can assure you that this is just a co-incidence, unless we meant it to be that way. Also we would like to assure the queasy reader that we are not about to get hurt from fast-moving balls anytime soon, we've got protection.

What topics do you aim to cover ?

Basically anything that would qualify as sport is likely to be under our watchful eye. This includes cock-fighting, taekwondo and sepak-takrow. Though most likely, football, cricket, tennis and F1 will be the most talked about sports, occasionally we will turn our attention to other things. Also we intend to discuss issues that concern sport in general, doping, cheating and other such ethical issues.

How can I contribute ?

Well firstly, read Silly Point regularly and comment on the posts. Also subscribing to the RSS feed you will find on the right=hand side of this page, would be a good way to keep track. Also if you feel very strongly about any issue and feel like writing an article, you can write to us at, cheerfulguy AT gmail DOT com. We will see if we can accommodate you here as a guest writer.



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