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Abhishek is the brain behind the inception of this sports blog–which is a bit strange at first, since he is the last person one would expect to either indulge in, or possess knowledge about, any kind of physical activity. However, the man is full of surprises. He nutures a healthy interest in all footballing, cricket  and motor-racing matters, so expect plenty of posts from him on the same, in addition to his usual “editor” posts. He is currently pursuing his Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering. His other interests include French films and graphical web designing. His personal blog is here.


Aniket is a virtual sports encyclopedia, esp when it comes to knowing about record-breakers from the past, or promising cricketers who suddenly vanished in the 1920s. The youngest contributor on this blog, Aniket is studying Electronics at the College of Engg. Pune. He has been a semi-finalist, twice, on the famous ESPN Sports Quiz with his school Rangubai Junnare from Nasik, and is the only member from the group who can boast of having casual over-the-coffee discussions with Harsha Bhogle and Sunil Gavaskar. And yes, he has his own version of the stuff going on in his life at his personal blog.


At first glance, Arnold’s knowledge about sport is as surprising as the fact that he does not know to play the guitar. His standard brand of dry wit and insightful knowledge of the various crevices of sport history is as typical of his writing as is his opinionated style and rhetoric attitude. Arnold is also a man of theories, and if pestered enough will come up with a theory to explain everything from India’s WC triumph in 1983 to the impact of size-able female support on a sporting team. Apart from hanging out at the local cafe peddling these theories, Arnold (who will graduate as an engineer) blogs, and hopes to travel and explore, before he settles down at finding a way of retiring on a Jamaican Beach with a Swedish supermodel, his ultimate ambition.


Ever since Gaurav was born, he’s had an opinion about almost everything except football, and even that is changing now. One of the earliest, most active and popular bloggers in India, he is known to be wary of ponytails off the field. Gaurav sets and participates in quizzes, writes on politics, economics, cricket, films among other topics, and can be prevented from making bad jokes only with industrial strength adhesive.


Harish is a sports nut with a fanatical devotion towards those teams and players that he supports. He is most likely to tell you that Sachin, Lara, Waugh, Man U, Michael Schumacher are going to break a sporting record tomorrow. While not following sport, Harish works and quizzes (he’s a former University Challenge semi-finalist) in Pune, breathes Amitabh and other movies, reads and infrequently blogs. And don’t get him started on his own bowling!


At first glance, Ramanand looks like a nice homely clean scrubbed tam-bram. Look deeper and you will discover he is still a nice homely clean scrubbed tam-bram. But one who has an opinion on all matters related to sports. And an informed opinion at that. It is tough to win the Mastermind India title without being intensely informed after all. He managed to get a second innings in student life by getting into IIT Bombay’s KRESIT, where he is pursuing his masters these days.You can also see other sides of his writing at his blog.


Samrat is a Bengali whose Punjabi streak gained from living in Delhi does not prevent him from exercising his birthright of playing and living the beautiful game. Boasting of knee injuries that keep him from footballing these days, Samrat reads voraciously, works in Mumbai, quizzes actively in Pune and Mumbai (he qualified for the semi-finals of Mastermind 2002), and is a wholehearted gourmand of good guessing in quizzes. He has his own patent-pending set of “Samrat-isms” which don’t appear on his blog.


Shamanth is an aeronautical engineer currently employed in one of Pune’s many IT campuses, and is another one of those IIT Madras products currently populating the blogosphere.Shamath is famous for being an over-regular at quizzes, and has been known to travel thousands of kilometers just for that express purpose. Apart from that, Shamanth is known to have a penchant for clocking up the miles of his motor-bike, and for making puns out of any literary combination he can find. He can usually be found on weekends at the nearest place hosting a quiz, surrounded by a group of school children, explaining the concept of Infinite Rebounds.



1. Silly Point » Interjecting here - June 21, 2006

[…] About […]

2. Kunal Thakar - August 8, 2006

The best About page I have ever seen. Brilliant work people! Truer words havent been written.

3. Abhishek - August 8, 2006

merci merci.

4. GYAK - March 17, 2011

Amazing site! Would any of you be interested in partnering with CastrolCricket.com? They are looking for bloggers like you’ll. I already emailed Gaurav about it, let me know if you are interested.


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