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The Fabulous Destiny of Mr. Tim.K.Hill June 14, 2006

Posted by Abhishek in Abhishek, Football WC.

Tim Cahill, the aussie wonderkid, Oceania player of the year, and one of the stars of Everton's 4th place finish in the season before last of the EPL. If he was a talented, has-potential player at Everton, he certainly has caught the eye of the world's football public now. Remember, everyone who followed the EPL, knew Rooney was good, but it was only after the EURO 04 championships that his sheer talent was appreciated by the world. Something similar might happen to Mr. Cahill here.

Cahill, finds himself amidst an Aussie team, which is peeping it's head out of it's mother marsupial pouch, as flashlights glare at them and the world celebrates. Then have a line-up with a few stars, Viduka, Aloisi and Harry Kewell coming first to mind. Then there is the list of i-work-hard-like-a-donkey players, well established in various lesser known clubs around leagues in europe. Then there is some real naivete, something which i feel is extremely dangerous if a new team wants to come back with its head held up high. Ivory Coast may be considered relative rookies, but they certainly are not wide-eyed boys staring at toffees on the counter. Contrast that with Togo, which clearly looked a bit over-awed by the occasion. Trinidad and Tobago one may argue were in a similar situation, but Sweden in a sense trying too hard, brought about their own downfall.

However, in Guus Hiddink, the Socceroos may have what is needed to get through to the group stages. He is the major difference between the Aussies and other newbies. I think a lot of teams (Iran, Ivory Coast) could have got results had they had someone like Hiddink. A true master. He brought out the right changes, has made out a strong defence and really makes the Aussies look better than they are. Still, they had to ride their luck, notably when they won the qualifier on penalties againt Uruguay at Sydney.

The Aussies certainly wont go as far as the Koreans, but I for one will not be surprised if they make it out of group H. And atleast I feel, they gave us the best match of the first round of matches. That is provided Croatia / Brazil turns out to be something really special.

PS : The above statement stands after the Croatia/Brazil match. 



1. Sinfully Pinstripe - June 15, 2006

Even after Tunisia-Saudi?

2. Sinfully Pinstripe - June 15, 2006

Hmm, Fableaux Destine… hope it ends up for Mr. Cahill as nicely as mademoiselle Poulaine’s

3. Abhishek - June 15, 2006

Poulain SP, not Poulaine – as for Monsieur Cahill, i’m sure he will do more than skim stones on water !

4. samratsengupta - June 16, 2006

I feel the Croats will defeat the Socceroos. Croats have a solid team, only if they had a good striker like Suker, they could have atleast drawn with Brazil.
Some factors in favour of Croats against Aus are
1. Wont be intimidated physically as maybe Japan did
2. The match would be at 00.30 IST which means it will be comparatively cooler, and Aussies famed stamina and endurance levels wont be that much of an advantage.

but I am sure the Aussies would give Samba a heck of a shake on sunday.

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