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Stars Of 1986 World Cup June 6, 2006

Posted by samratsengupta in Football WC, Samrat.

Following according to me were some of the stand out players of the 86 world cup apart from Diego (he has GOD embedded in his name) Maradona.

Enzo Scifo: This quiet unassuming Belgian, was the mainstay of the midfield, he remained so for the next three World Cups also. Was the only player with top of the class ball-skills in the team, he played an integral part in Belgium's best ever show.

Enzo Francescoli: Another Enzo, he had a graceful and languid style, with good ball control. He became quite popular during the 86 World Cup, had a Brazilian streak about him. He is infact one of Zidane 's favorite player. Zizou has even named one of his sons after him.

Michael Laudrup: The greatest ever Danish player. Was elegance and poise personified.Stamped his mark in the tournament when he scored a superb goal, by weaving his way through a rugged Uruguayan defence. Though he reached his crowning glory in 1992, when Denmark lifted the European Cup.

Socrates: The unlucky captain of two spectacular Brazilian teams, in 1982 and 1986. A practicing doctor, a chain smoker and heavy drinker. His bearded demeanour and revolutionary looks along with towering height made him a world wide icon like Che Guevara. His game was effortless, as he coordinated with the mercurial Zico and Falcao leaving opposing defences ragged.

Karl-Heinz Rumminegge (I used to love pronouncing his name): The best German player of the WC, he used to marshal the midfield, adept at tackling and in initiating attacks. Lothar Matthaus as a midfielder was a worthy successor to him. Incidentally Matthaus in the 86 final was primarily entrusted with man-marking Maradona.  

Careca: Had a profitable time scoring 5 goals. Put finishing touches to the sublime moves of Zico, Socrates et al. Later he became the first superstar of Japanese soccer. Played for 4 years in the fledgling J-league

Gary Lineker: A striker in the classic mould, he was also the quintessential poacher. Had the knack of being in the right place at the right time. Deservedly won the Golden Boot of 86. Marco Van Basten and Klinsmann (coincidentally current coaches of Netherlands and Germany), both reminded me of Lineker in their playing days.



1. Ramanand - June 7, 2006

Lineker, not the Maharashtrian “-kar” 😉 (a mistake that I used to make a lot before it was pointed out to me!)

2. Samrat Sengupta - June 7, 2006

Done. Thanks.
But i could have sworn it was linekar in those days,
maybe Gary was one of these guys http://www.jumaani.com/ first convert.

3. Stone - June 10, 2006

Thanks of refreshing..memories of Mexico-86…..sighh..that was 20 yrs ago…I still rememebr the expression on face of Shilton when Maradona scored that (im)famous goal!

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