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Crouching Robos ? June 6, 2006

Posted by Abhishek in Abhishek, Football WC.

Ok, this is what happens when you follow the English team too closely. You laugh at their stupid jokes and can't help but mock how Football Fever takes over completey, the nation. And when it dishes up something really funny, you just love the day you started following the boys in white and blue.

Case in point : RoboCrouch. Ok, for those who came in late – Peter Crouch the meadering, mild giant, the Jan Koller of sorts for the English team, suddenly discovers along with a whole nation that he can use his feet too! That means a 'rich' vein of form before the WC, and from out of nowhere springs , this pose.

Robocop ?

Where Mr. Crouch is doing the most ridiculous version of the robo-MJ-style dance that you ever see. Dance experts (spring up from nowhere) have called the whole thing various adjectives ranging from 'horrendous' to 'horrible' to 'inconcievably not-dance'. But I for one will be really looking forward to him scoring, just for that robotic extension of long limbs dance. It really has me in splits each time!

And more fun follows, Eriksson has promised he will do his own version, but first, the boys have to get him that golden, coup de monde.



1. Bharat Maheshwari - June 7, 2006

You must check out this blog for more Peter Crouch silliness…

2. Abhishek - June 7, 2006

thanks man, that site brilliant, and risque. Nice!

3. The Piker - June 9, 2006

talking of the English media, Peter Crouch and opportunists, here’s what i found in the football365’s sister site worldcup365.com, Peter Crouch t-shirts!
another t-shirt had a tag that went: Crouchaldinho
Some audacity!

4. Rosie - February 17, 2007

I thank you for your comment.

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