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Question of the Day May 26, 2006

Posted by Abhishek in Abhishek, Football WC.

What is common to : 'Crock' – 'Half Crock' – 'Schoolboy' and 'Gentle Giant' ?
Hint : Look at the post category.

OK here goes :

This nomenclature is attributed to Robbo – about whom you will here a lot of raving from me in the future. As for the descriptions, mea culpa.



1. The Piker - May 28, 2006

Agreed, Owen was a wonderkid, a case in point being his ‘wonder goal’ against argentina at a very young age. I do admire his pace and finishing ability, though the greatness tag is something I tend to disagree. He may not be able to achieve that tag of greatness simply because he is largely ineffective if he doesn’t get enough service from the midfield. Players like Ronaldo and Henry cannot be easily muscled out by the defence and can get past players (apart from being able to finish well). Owen will remain as one of the better strikers to emerge out of the English youth of the late 90s rather than great… though of course, time can still change that, (though I personally doubt it)
Talking about good football writers, Phil Ball of Soccernet and the entire team of Football365 with their brilliant sense of humour(which includes Mediawatch and columns of John Nicholson) definitely deserve a look in – if you haven’t seen them so far

A Man Utd (since 1994) and a Brazil fan

2. Abhishek - May 28, 2006

“though the greatness tag is something I tend to disagree.”

See, the things you are lead to believe if you read too much of the British press. . I agree that Owen will never really become one of the greats of the game, but wonderkid, he was.

As for the list of good writers, will check all of them out. Thanks very much for the tip. And in return, you get an advice to read, Mike Carlton from the SMH. The aussies can really turn it on sometimes.

“A Man Utd (since 1994) and a Brazil fan”

I Second on the first part. 😉 keep visiting.

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